Client-Work Policy

1) The validity of the purpose of the purpose is up to 30 days from the day the purpose of the purposal is given.
2) Office timing :- 11 am to 7 pm (Monday to Saturday)
3) If any officer goes for a merchant meeting then his/her company proof should be checked positively like an employee ID card issued by the company or some other proof issued by the company.
4)Work will begin after 60 percent advance payment.
5)The calculation will start soon after the first payment and if there is any delay of contents from the client’s side then the timeline of completion of projects will also extend.
6)After sending the first draft You have to tell the changes that you need within 72 hours.
7) When the project gets complete, we will give you 24 hours to test, if any changes are required then it will be done freely but after your testing period, only minor changes will be resolved free of cost the company will charge for major changes.
8)Client has to do all the payments before getting live on the website then he will be allowed to come live on the website main domain.
9)For a digital marketing project you have to pay 100 Percent in advance.
10)The payment is valid only when the money will transfer to the company account only otherwise it will not be valid.

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